eCUBE – mobile tyre service system

Integrated mobile tyre service system eCUBE is a mobile tyre service system suitable for cars, SUVs and vans with wheels up to 24″. eCUBE combines tyre changer, balancer (optional), PC, touchscreen, digital inflation system, compressor and powerbank in one machine.   eCUBE respects those who work: it does not need a noisy generator with internal combustion engine, but is equipped with a system of rechargeable lithium batteries (covered by a 5-year warranty) and a silenced compressor that allow you to work without disturbing the operator.   eCUBE system respects the environment as it does not emit any exhaust gases, which is why it can also be used in enclosed spaces (garages, underground car parks, etc.).     eCUBE is composed by:

  • Automatic tyre changer for wheels up to 24″
  • FASEP B112 wheel balancer (optional)
  • PC system
  • Touchscreen
  • Digital inflation system
  • Silenced compressor
  • 48V battery system


  • Compact dimensions allow flexible installation – Requires just 1.1m2 of floor space
  • No disturbing noise or fume
  • Guarantees workshop quality in your customer’s driveway
  • Easy to (de)instal
  • Cold climate? Doors closed – full functionality
  • Massive cost savings on idling engin
  • Remote monitoring, software updates and trouble shooting
  • Specifically designed for mobile service market