Tardelli 885N

3,000.00 2,200.00 Ex. VAT

Tardelli 885N adopts a fast trouble-free way to service high performance alloy wheels. The rim clamping and bead breaking operations assure that today’s alloy wheels are undamaged. It features an adjustable tool head design combined with a large 1-1/2 HP motor for superior performance. Equipped with powerful “jet-blast” inflation system and a generous 8-gallon surge tank.

Brief Description

  • 1.Advanced type(Tilt back tire changer)
  • 2.For low profile tire
  • 3.Outer clamp 10-22″
  • 4.S41 enhanced mounting bar
  • 5.S75 clamping cylinder
  • 6.Patent mounting tool
  • 7.Patent bead breaker
  • 8.Europe style appearance
  • 9.With right assist helper
    • 20′:18 Sets
    • 40′:36 Sets


  • 23″ Internal Wheel Clamping. This powerful tyre changer handles the large custom tyre and wheel assemblies you can throw at it.
  • No clumsy adapters or any tabletop adjustments are needed. Everything from simple standard steel wheels to large delicate custom alloy wheels.
  • Tilt-Back Arm Design.
  • Press the front control pedal and the arm tilts back providing greater clearance for tyre removal and inflation.
  • Hi-Torque Electric Turntable works at a controlled speed for easy tyre removal and installation. Precise speed gives better performance while working on low profile and runflat tyres.
  • Pneumatic Wheel Restraint Device.
  • Safety always comes first, especially when it comes to tyre inflation.
  • Powerful “Jet-Blast” Bead Sealer


  • Rim Diameter: 10-20
  • Inside Clamp: 13-23
  • Max Wheel Diameter: 1120mm
  • Wheel Width: 3-13
  • Working Pressure: 8-10bar
  • Rpm: 6.5rpm
  • Voltage: 220V/50HZ
  • Noise: less than 70dB
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